NeoTork is the best downhole tool to manage vibrations and improve drilling efficiency through focusing on drillbit depth of cut

NeoTork is the best tool to manage drillbit depth of cut, the root cause of most drilling issues. NeoTork is a superior drilling tool, ideally suited for directional drilling, because it is designed with flexible, robust cables that can withstand the extreme torque created during drilling.

As well as balancing torque, NeoTork mitigates both axial and torsional vibrations. Less erratic torque and fewer vibrations protect critical – and costly - Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) components. By reducing damage to BHA equipment and the number of trips out of the well, NeoTork improves safety and profitability on every job.

NeoTork’s cables react immediately and automatically to changes in torque. When torque exceeds a pre-set limit, the tool contracts to reduce the drillbit depth of cut. The excess torque stored in the system is then slowly released as the drilling structure drills off.

NeoTork’s unique action ensures that the drillbit is continuously in contact with the formation, delivering smoother, faster drilling operations.

Innovative engineering

  • Effective and resilient
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • Manages torque variations from cutting actions: drilling, milling, reaming, hole enlargement or coring
  • ‘Ready to Run’ – no calibration or maintenance on the rig site

Patented, responsive cabling design

Our continuous improvement approach to the tool and cabling design has helped NeoTork evolve with the needs of the drilling industry, NeoTork’s current configuration is fully optimized and is ideal for improving the efficiency and safety of any drilling operations.

Immediate, significant benefits for your job

Implementing NeoTork into your drilling operations delivers:

  • Improved performance – uniform and consistent drilling operations
  • Reduced risk of premature failure of drillbit or string
  • Reduced drilling costs – fewer tool failures and trips out of the hole
  • Safer drilling operations
  • Can be used in drilling BHA below drill pipe or coiled tubing

Designed and supported by experts

NeoTork’s team has over 100 combined years in the drilling industry. Our technical center of excellence is located in Luxembourg. We also have regional offices supporting the US and Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

International benefits, local support and service

NeoTork is a proven technology and a significant benefit to any drilling operation. Our trusted network of distributors ensures that NeoTork is delivered through a carefully selected local market expert who understands the geography’s unique challenges.

NeoTork is easy to use NeoTork is easy to use.

We supply each tool with detailed instructions that are not necessarily required for operation but ensure the tool is used correctly and safely.

Tool assembly

NeoTork’s unique design is made up of two sections, the top assembly, and the bottom assembly.

A box connection is in the top section of the tool. A shaft in the lower section of the tool supports the pin connection.

NeoTork is shipped and delivered to the site, ready to use.

Top assembly

The top assembly includes a barrel with a stack of disc springs. These springs are compressed during assembly.

The springs push on an axis, forcing NeoTork to extend up to its full length. The number of springs depends on the pre-set threshold for Weight On Bit (WOB) and torque.

The disc springs are packed in a calibrated quantity and absorb the tool's axial movement.

neo tork

Bottom Assembly

NeoTork’s bottom assembly manages the extension or contraction of the tool. The rotating body, which includes the bottom shaft, is attached by steel cables to the upper section.

When torque levels on the bottom shaft exceed the resistance exerted by the disc springs, the shaft will rotate clockwise. This forces the cables to ‘swivel’ around the sleeve at an increasing angle, lifting the bottom shaft until torque returns to the set level.

As the bit drills off and torque decreases, the opposite action occurs, allowing the tool to extend back to its full length.

Shoulders limit the maximum upward and downward amplitude of the shaft stroke. It is these shoulders, rather than the cables, which stop the extension or contraction of the tool.

neo tork

Any questions

Contact us if you’d like our experienced team to help you determine the best position for NeoTork for your drilling operation.