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NeoTork is a downhole tool that manages torque generated by the drill bit as well as mitigating axial and torsional vibrations, protecting critical BHA components.

The simple, unique design automatically controls downhole torque. When torque exceeds a preset limit, the tool contracts to reduce the drill bit depth of cut. The excess torque ‘stored’ in the system is slowly released as the drilling structure drills off.


  • Improved drilling performance
  • Reduced risk of premature failure of drill bit or string
  • Reduced drilling costs
  • Novel design:
    • Effective and resilient
    • To be made available in all standard sizes
    • ‘Ready to run’ – no calibration or maintenance on the rig site


  • In drilling BHA below drill pipe or coiled tubing
  • To manage torque variations from cutting actions: drilling, milling, reaming, hole enlargement or coring
  • Drill bit remains engaged in the formation at all times
  • Drilling is never interrupted

Drilling made easy !