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Challenging Formations

Constant variations in the nature and the composition of rocks affect the drill bit performance. During a drill bit run, a bit will often cut through a blend of different rocks, meaning that it will be exposed to variable reactive strengths. This often results in torsional vibrations as the energy required to cut through the rock fluctuates.

NeoTork, positioned in the BHA, absorbs variances in energy that would otherwise induce slip and stick and other damaging vibrations.

NeoTork dampens the torque variations generated by the drill bit, regardless of the changes in formation drillability. The drill bit remains engaged in the formation at all times, with a depth of cut automatically defined by the actual reactive torque generated.


  • Faster ROP
  • Longer bit life
  • Reduced premature pull out
  • Smoother borehole
  • Less damage to drilling equipment

Drilling made easy !